In 1989 Piss Christ made its debut as one of the the most controversial pieces of the 20th century. It was so controversial in fact, it caused a congressional debate about U.S public arts funding. In 2011, it was on display in France and it was attacked by a group of French Catholic fundamentalists.

In 2012, it went on display in New York to celebrate 25 years of Andres Serrano’s work. Again it caused a huge uproar from the Christian community to which Serrano responded with “In hindsight, I’d say Piss Christ is a reflection of my work, not only as an artist, but as a Christian.”
Religion has always been a topic of controversy inside and outside of art. The artist claims that as a Christian he wants his viewers to analyze why they are upset by the piece.

Do you think that the artist had a right to express himself even if it meant offending a few people?

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