You’re the one who knows you best. Nevertheless, here are some recommendations to enjoy some me time in a museum, because it’s healthy to spend time on you and pamper yourself with things that you like.

One Isn’t the Loneliest Number

While there are ups and downs to going alone or with a group, it is good to go alone, because looking at art is all about your personal experience, not about a social gathering.

What kind of Experience do you want?

If you want a more educational experience then take a listening tour, if you want an art experience then just go for it.

Look first, read later

Do no the read the labels first, they can take away from you using your own imagination and interpretation of the piece. If the artist wanted you to know exactly what he was thinking he would have written it on the painting. Instead take some time to analyze on your own, for your own thoughts, and then compare to what the label has to say.

Maybe you’ll get Bored

If you get bored you can always bring something to do. Sketch, text, eat, write, listen to music etc. Sometimes it does get boring just staring at paintings for hours so take moment to find a seating area, or a cafe or gift shop. Take a few moments for yourself and think about what you’ve seen.

Life Happens

Allow you personal experiences to drive your thoughts about pieces. Use what you know to interpret them, and maybe the paintings will even help you figure out a personal problem you have been dealing with. Think about it, the artists is/was a person too who probably had similar issues with stress, relationships, the economy or what have you, he probably used that as fuel for his/her work too.