We are gregarious and there are things that we prefer doing with company. Hanging out with friends to see the exhibition that you all want to see is a classic. If our last post was about visiting the museum alone, today we have recommendations for visiting in a group!

Stick To Plan A

Most museums require big groups to call ahead of the time and make a reservation. When it comes to going as a group it always best to plan ahead.

Interactive Art, Is Fun Art

Strike up a conversation about the art. You will get more out of it if you are able to talk to someone about your perspective or listen to someone else’s. I know art museums command silent appreciation, but in this age, we are communicating constantly and that is why we are progressing.

It’s Not A Break Up

It is okay to split up. Not everyone has the same interests so go see what you find most intriguing.

Meeting Up

If you do split up agree on a specific meeting point and time, that way you can focus on the art for the time that you have.

Feelings are Legal

Art is meant to make you think and bring up emotions, let it happen. Being in a big group of people, you might not want to seem overly invested in what you are seeing, but if you are not, then you are missing the point. Contemplating the meaning and not understanding or on the contrary, completely understanding and having a connection with a piece is all a part of the experience. Feel free to like and dislike certain pieces, no one said you had to marvel in the glory of every piece. Be yourself!