Of course, age is only a number. Even so, it determines some changes in your lifestyle including your experience when you visit a museum. Here are a few tips to make a trip to the museum more enjoyable.

Senior Discount

One advantage of adding years! The senior discount is no joke when it comes to museums. There will more than likely always be be discounted rates for those over the age of 65. Definitely make sure to ask about it!

Brrr..It’s Cold in Here!

Bring a sweater or cardigan as the temperature may vary within the museum, depending on the type of conservation that require artworks (hey, don’t take it personally!).

Where Are my Glasses?

Here the disadvantage of age: the view also becomes elder. It resents more when you want to look at the details and especially the letter of the captions which is usually so small, right?
Don’t worry about that! The important thing is the artwork itself, read the caption is an extra.

Take Your Time

No need to rush through the museum to see it all!.
Ask for a museum map, make sure to select the rooms you are interest in and spend as much time there as you like.

Seating is fundamental

Seating is a major issue in most museums, but some of them have figured a clever solution. Ask for a portable chair at the frontdesk and you’ll be able to stop for a break whenever you chose! Make sure to select the nicest view.

Play a Memory Game

This game works great for paintings or other static displays. Turn on the timer for 30 seconds. When the timer goes ding, look away from the painting and describe all the things you saw.
Because playing has no age and at the same time you can exercise your memory!