We consider ourselves so lucky! We work in a project we really love and believe in, and which has been taking us to so many cool places and to meet amazing people. But 2016 has been breaking all the expectations. These are some of the places we’ve been so far.

On April we went to Dublin to the MuseumNext conference. You can read all about it in our blog post MuseumNext Dublin 2016: 5 takeaways

Then the summer came, and we added some serious mileage to our backs: we first went to New York, where we presented Unique Visitors at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, at the Met Digital Lab.

Unique Visitors Met PresentationThe Met Digital Lab presentation

From there, we headed to Philadelphia where we met the legendary Nancy Proctor, who created and leads the Museum and the Web conferences.

Nancy, along with Conxa Rodà (Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya) took Unique Visitors to China, presenting the project in Chengdu, Shanghai, Wuhan

Unique Visitors in ChinaThe Museums and The Web conference attendants watching our video in Chengdu

We then travelled to California, to join Nina Simon’s amazing MuseumCamp experience. You can read all about it in our previous post, What we learned at MuseumCamp 2016.

It was time to head south: we launched Unique Visitors in Brazil at the 32nd São Paulo Arts Biennial. For the exhibition we developed My Biennial, a custom hotsite that is powered by Unique Visitors’ platform.

Minha Bienal - 32º Bienal de Arte de São Paulo
My Biennial, for visiting the 32nd São Paulo Arts Biennial

While in São Paulo, we also visited Instituto Tomie Ohtake, Pinacoteca de São Paulo, Museu da Imigração and Instituto Moreira Salles, where we heard all about the new museum construction.

Unique Visitors in Brazil

We were also lucky to be in Brazil for a very special event: Inhotim 10th anniversary. If you don’t know Inhotim, imagine an amazing contemporary art center sprawled in a 5,000-acre tropical botanic garden. The celebration theme was homage to Brazilian artist Tunga, who passed earlier this year.

Still in Belo Horizonte, we visited the Pampulha Modern Ensemble, a modernist architectonic project designed by Oscar Niemeyer that was recently declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

From there, we went to Rio de Janeiro, where the Olympic games were taking place! At the Museum of Modern Art we were so privileged to take an exclusive guided tour with curators Fernando Cocciarale and Fernanda Lopes through the current exhibition Em Polvorosa.

We also visited the brand new museums Museum of Tomorrow, where Alexandre Fernandes and Dino Kuperman Siwek explained us how the museum integrated technology since its conceptualization, and MAR, Rio de Janeiro’s new art museum, where Tiago Cacique explained their strategy to engage local audiences.

Let’s hope next year brings different cities and new countries to visit!